The strawberry shake recipe will help you to make you a yummy delicacy. In this article, we are going to look at the recipe and you will be good to go.


You will need for the milkshake recipe, hulled strawberries. If it is just one serving, then you will just need 4 cups. The ice cubes are included and for this, 2 cups will be sufficient. Get 2 cups of milk, strawberry ice cream and for the latter, let 4 cups be enough. White sugar is needed and for this serving, 2 cups will do. Once you have gathered all the ingredients as mentioned, then it is advisable to put them in a list so that you do not miss out on any of them.


The preparation time will take you 10 minutes and the other 10 minutes will just be enough for the strawberry shake recipe to be ready.


The other part is o course on the blending whereby you will add the strawberries, ice cream, milk, ice, and sugar. You will need to keep blending until you get a smooth consistency.

 The calories

There is so much you can get from this strawberry shake recipe in terms of the calories. For instance, the 1 serving that we have just made will give 906 calories. This is a lot of energy that will keep you going the whole morning.

 Those who have sampled this delicacy will affirm the fact it is one of the best that you can possibly make.

Generally though, there are many other options that you will have   when it comes to making the strawberry milkshake. The  first thing  is to blend half  of the strawberries  together with ¼  a cup  of ice cream, a cup of ice cream will be needed  and conclude  with 2 table spoonfuls of  milk.

The blending, as was earlier on emphasized should be done   till you get a smooth mixture. This   milk shake will be ready to drink in a short time after which you will pour in the glass and take immediately.

The emphasis on immediately as any delay will affect the quality in terms of flavour a little later. The truth of the matter is that there are tens of recipes that you can make using the strawberries. The trick is to play around with the ingredients but all the time maintaining the consistency.

One persistent question that many people ask is how one can make a perfect strawberry shake recipe? The answer is that it will depend on what ingredients that you use. For instance, you can start with the banana chunks, milk both of which are both blended to a thick, creamy consistency. If it becomes smooth, then this will be in order as we are essentially trying to perfect the art.

With or without the ice cream

For this recipe, you will find that there is so much leeway in terms of whether to use it in the ingredients or not.