Whilst it is generally tough getting a nourishing breakfast these days, the banana smoothie is one of the options that you could possibly consider. The low-fat one in particular is a fast one to make such that even if you are in a hurry, you will still find some time to spare and grab a banana smoothie.

Being low-fat means a lot in terms of health. It for one implies that you will get all the nutrients you need including the vitamin C, potassium and lots of fibre. This notwithstanding that the hunger pangs will be kept at bay regardless of the age you are.

The ingredients

For any banana smoothie, there are ingredients that are required to get started. In this case, you will only need a cup of water, low-fatyogurt, and banana chunks. The yogurt could possibly be substituted with milk, though the former seem preferable to the latter.

The vanilla flavours very, much welcome .The banana slices are also a good option when you are looking for just the right flavour.


The  contents as explained above will all be put inside the blender but you must remember to use the bending button in the blender appropriately  so that all the ingredients mix as desired.

Ice might be necessary and in this case, the ice crusher will come handy. No harm though using the cubed ice so long as the goal will be to get the smooth textured consistency that is unmistakably the banana smoothie.

The content

Fat is one of the ingredients you would want to put tabs on. The bananas are for one low in fat, standing at only 0.25g for a cup as would be given in the nutritional information. The low-fat yogurt that we incorporated into the mixture stands at 3.8g. The low fat milk has even lower fat content of 2.37g. So, you now know what to use between the non-fat yogurt and the non-fat milk that is if you want to lower the amount of fat in the smoothie.

What else can you use?

The banana is not the only fruit that you can use. Strawberries, cantaloupe, cherries, peaches, blueberries and so many others will easily be suitable options for the bananas. The pineapple and mangoes will also easily fall into the list.


Do not miss out on the powerful flavouring from the nutmeg and ciannamon.These two can be added after you are through with the blending and has actually poured the smoothie into the glass.

Serving details

It may not have occurred to you yet but you will be pleased to learn that this smoothie is a complete meal by its own. It has many nutrients and will in addition satiate your hunger.

Since you would want to drink it more than once, it is actually advisable to increase the ingredients such that even after drinking a glass in the morning, you will still be left with some more for the next day. There is the freezing option available and this would mean that you can freeze it for enjoyment nest time.