Whether you are looking for a simple, delicious drink or just a casual dessert, you will realize that there is more than one way to make strawberries milkshake. The instructions are few and it will only take you a few minutes to complete the preparation.

The simple strawberries milkshake

 For ingredients, you will require strawberries that are fresh and thawed. cold milk and vanilla ice cream.

The second method is making strawberries milkshake using bananas so that you end up with strawberry bananas milkshake. The ingredients required include overripe bananas, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, vanilla extract, whipped cream and milk. Of course the amount for each will depend on the servings.

Creamy strawberry milkshake

This is yet another good example of the strawberries milkshake and has similarly simple instructions. The first thing as usual is to get it right with the ingredients .In this case, get fresh strawberries  in cups as well as the sliced ones ready for garnishing ,strawberry ice cream,milk,whipping cream, sugar and lemon juice.

Let us now focus on the first milkshake as we would like to see how it is made. The first thing will be to put all the ingredients in a blender.


Once all the ingredients have been put in the blender, the blending should ensue for the next 3 minutes. You will notice that a creamy, cool mixture will be the result. For some people, the chunkier the better and for this case, it would mean blending for less time than the stipulated 2-3minutes. If you want it smoother though, then you will blend for even a longer period of time.

Milkshake in the glass

Once you are done with blending the strawberries milkshake, you will now pour it in the glass. It is recommended to be served whilst cold, so you can wait till has cooled. For other types of milkshakes such as the ones described above, one can in fact use ice cubes.

Measuring the ingredients

One of the trickiest things that you will encounter is balancing out on the ingredients. It is instructive that you measure all the ingredients well so that you get a smooth, consistent and adequate amount of the milkshake.

 The strawberries  intended to be for serving 2 people or two glasses will for instance  require you to have5 oz of them,1 ½ cups  of  milk(cold will do) and 1/2 pint of  vanilla. If you intend to serve 4 people or produce 4 glasses, then you will simply double your ingredients.

The other important bit as we have seen is the blending. If the blending is done for long, the milkshake will be thinner but smoother. It is however common to see thick strawberry milkshake which is quite in order to say the least. You only need to vary the blending time to suit your circumstances.

So there you have them: various ingredients, all leading to a yummy strawberry drink that is liked by all. You will have noticed by now how easy and simple it is to prepare one without any hassle as long as you have the ingredients.

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