One of the most nutritious of the Oreo nutrition has got to be the pie.  In this article, we are going to look at the various aspects of nutrition in the pie.


This largely depends on the serving size, though you will find that for a 50g serving, the calories will be 109.  As for the fat, this will be 71.

Now let us look at the percentage daily value. For you information, the daily value given as a percentage refers to the constituent food substances that is recommended as a part of the whole. In this case, the total fat is 7.9g or 12% of the daily value. Out of this, there is the saturated fat given as 8% of the daily value and 0.3g of the transfats. The latter has given daily value.


Thankfully, the Oreo nutrition has no cholesterol. The latter is the bad fat that clogs the arteries and leads to various cardiovascular diseases. Sodium is given 62mg or 3% of the daily value. The total carbs on the other hand is given 8.5g or 3% of the daily value.

From the total carbs, the dietary fibre is given as 0.6g or 2% of the daily value and sugars at 2.8g. The Oreo nutrition on the other hand stands at 2.6g and caps out the summary of the Oreo nutrition.

It is important to appreciate that the information given above could vary depending on the serving size of the Oreo. There is a lot that we can deduce from the above and this is as follows:

Oreo is a good source of calories, if the value given above is anything to go by. The 109 calories in a serving of 50g is a rare feat even for such small servings.


There is a high amount of carbs in this food and one will be sure to get all the carb requirements that they need even in a small serving. It is also important to note that the dietary fibre is needed in the body for purposes of aiding in movement of digestion process.

The sodium element is also worth noting here. At 3%, this a good amount since our bodies   need sodium. However, it should not be very high as this again will affect the sodium-potassium pump. Thankfully, the 3% of the amount given is quite reasonable.

Sugars are given at 2.8g and this is a significant amount at any given rate. In fact one should watch out on the sugar because they could easily spike the blood sugar if one eats a high amount of the Oreo. All the same, one will find that it is possible to keep the sugar at an all time low by taking a small bite of the Oreo instead of large servings.

It is gratifying to note that Oreo has a generous amount of protein. This shows that it is a well balanced food which has most of the major nutrients the body needs.

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