It is generally assumed that Oreo must be accompanied by the cream. It is however possible to make   and enjoy the Oreo without cream if the nutrition facts are anything to go by.

Take a look at the Oreo without cream to understand why it is still healthy. For just 1 serving or 2 cookies, you will get 30 calories and total fat content of 1 g. The saturated fat will be just 0g, the same being the case with the saturated, monounsaturated and the transfats. This is indeed good news for the weight watchers.

The cholesterol is also given as 0g together with sodium and potassium. You will however expect to get 8g of carbs which is by any  standard .Unfortunately, the nutrition facts indicates that  dietary fibre, sugars and protein are all given as 0g. This makes the Oreo not very appealing to those who in particular want to benefit from the dietary fibre and protein. It may be okay to have low or no amount of sugar because the cream is not included; it’s just that the luck of dietary fibber and protein limits the health of the Oreo.

It means from the nutrition facts that cream really does much to change the nutritional value of Oreo if the information is reversed and now we are looking at one with cream.

On average, the Oreo Nabisco chocolate or cookie will supply you with as much as 160 in calories for 3 servings of cookies. Fat alone will supply you with 58 calories .The total fat of 7g will supply you with 11% of the daily value. The sodium that was absent in the one without cream is now given at 8% of the daily value.

 The total carbs is also high in the 25 g, supplying you with 8% of the daily value. There is a high amount of dietary value of 4% in the 1g.  Sugars stand at 14g while protein is 4%   in the 2g.

It is telling that obviously the cream makes a whole lot of a difference in the cookie and perhaps this could explain why it is included in the nutrition facts for the oreo, cookies, Nabisco and on. This should not   however mean that having it without the cream is wrong. In fact for those who want to keep a check on the calories and fat, this could be a good option as you will not have to worry about the weight.

Reading through the nutrition facts is a standard   procedure and one should not fail to do so. The information is usually proudly indicated on the label so that you know what is contained there.

Of course the whole arithmetic changes when you incorporate the filling. Here, you will have the sugars, vanilla and milk to top up the mixture. These are laden with calories, more the reason why the Oreos are usually a great snack for taking in the morning as a snack. One should however opt out of the cream if they do so wish.