It is important to know what you are consuming when you take when it comes to the Strawberry smoothie. In particular, you will need to focus more on the calories they are usually the ones behind the weight gain.

The amount of calories in the Strawberry smoothie largely depends on how it has been prepared. For instance, with only half a cup of frozen strawberries and another 1 cup of milk that is free of fat, you will have 135 calories in your glass. This basically means that you can go ahead and increase the calories by increasing the amount of frozen strawberry  and also using more of the fat-free milk, say  ,more than a cup.

Conversely, you can reduce the amount of the calories by substituting the milk with vanilla soy milk instead; you will end up with only 129 calories.

Sugar is known to increase the amount of calories so you might add a few teaspoonfuls of the same. Adding just one teaspoonful to the smoothie will give you an extra 16 calories.


For the Strawberry smoothie, nothing adds as much calories as one extra ripe banana. Even a small one is enough to add 45 calories to the smoothie.  As for a fact, bananas are rich in calories and unless you want plenty of calories, you should minimize their addition to the Strawberry smoothie.

Out of the calories that we have seen, there is a part of them that is fat. One can use to play around with the lean daily substitutes to maintain the low fat content in the smoothie. For instance, you can ordinarily have ½ cup of fat or less from the strawberries. There is however a catch that you must be wary of even as you try to keep the fat content low.

To start with, the dairy products like milk have a quantifiable amount of fat even if they are fat free. You should expect to get as much as 0.44g of fat in the so called fat-free milk. The soy milk isn’t completely free from fat as well and in fact, you may end up grappling with1.5 g of fat in just 1 cup of the vanilla soy milk.

All the same, it is advisable to be conversant with the statistics on the fat content available in each of the ingredients. This will greatly help you when it comes to the calories.

1 cup for the 1% of the daily milk that you add to the Strawberry smoothie will give you 2.37g of fat which is quite something when you imagine that this is not the only amount that you will be using. You might for instance be more inclined to use the 2% of the of the milk and end up adding up to 4.8g of fat.

Whole milk will confound you and especially if you are using it instead of the other options. Guess what, you will be staring at a whooping 7.9g of the same fat!