So, you want a milkshake recipe? There are many ideas on how to make but these ones are   the simplest of them all and you will definitely enjoy any one of them.

Vanilla milkshake recipe is one of the most ubiquitous and will generally involve blending a pint of vanilla ice cream with a quarter of milk in a cup, a teaspoonful of vanilla and a pinch of salt.

The second of the milkshake recipe ideas you should consider is the toasted marshmallow whereby they are broiled on foil till they turn brown .The marshmallows which could vary in number will then be added to the vanilla milkshake as made above. It is a delicious and tasteful blend that you will not want to miss.

Fig and mort is an exciting and sweet milkshake that is made using chopped figs. They are then simmered till they reduce to half of the volume. A tablespoonful of port is then added to blend, though you will need to let the liquid to cool first. This port mixture is then added to the vanilla milkshake that we looked at in the beginning of the article.

The strawberry milkshake recipe is a nice try and simple too. A pint of strawberry cream is blended with a cup of strawberries and a quarter cup of milk and you will be good to go.

 The mixed berry is worth considering if you have not tried and generally will involve strawberry milk shake as above but this time round, you don’t use the cup of strawberries; you use the blueberries or the raspberries. It is known as mixed berry milkshake because you use another type of berries to make one. It is a delectable treat that you will find hard to resist.

The strawberry –rhubarb is an exciting one and delicious too. You will only  be required to simmer  a half cup of rhubarbs which have been  sliced  and then add  2 spoons  of sugar, water and if possible ,get some orange zest  to soften the mixture. Adding strawberry cream and half cup of milk is recommended as you finalize on the making.

 The chocolate blend is yet another of the milkshake recipe idea that we are helping you to incorporate into your milkshake collection. The first thing you will need is a pint   of the chocolate ice cream for blending. The next is the is a quarter cream and three spoonfuls of chocolate syrup. With all these, you are now set and you just need to blend them and you are good to go.

If you like the corn cereal, then this is for you. Sweetened corn cereal is steeped in hot milk for a few minutes. Meanwhile, the ice cube tray is frozen so that you can add milk to obtain milk cubes which are then blended with vanilla. You will have the option of topping up with cereal.

As you can see, there are many ideas that you can explore in regard to milkshakes.