Using fresh strawberry shake recipe is a wonderful thing that one would probably find necessary to consider. There is a whole world of this shake and one only needs to find the one that works best with them. In this case, there is thru fresh strawberry milk shake to work on.


If you are wondering about the ingredients to use, there are just 4 of them that you will need and in this case, the strawberries that are freshman vanilla extract, milk and vanilla ice cream.

For a serving of 4, you will need about 8 ounces of the stemmed and sliced strawberries. Only a half teaspoonful of the vanilla extract will be needed. From there, get a pint of the icecream and you will be good to go.

Finally, ensure that you have got a quarter cup of milk as an addition in the strawberry shake recipe.


The easier part has got to be on the preparation as you need is to blend the strawberries together with the vanilla extract, ice cream and milk. The blending is done till you get the smooth consistency. Once it is smooth, it will be ready to be poured into 2 glasses that you should have on standby.

This preparation is for 4 people, so you will need to repeat the whole process again to get the extra2 glasses as necessary.

 From the above strawberry shake recipe information, you realize that it is easy to make one and of course this should not be the only one that you can try.

The other areas you can explore the whole range of the strawberry shake recipe   is the use of the vanilla whey protein, water and Greek yogurt as some of the ingredients   you can use.

There is also the use of the frozen banana chunks which are combined until they form a thick consistency. The mixture will tend to stick to the sides of the blender and this might mean that you scrape the sides. It is at this point that you will now add your strawberries to the mixture till you get the smooth   consistency that can be taken even with a straw.

Excluding the ice cream could be tricky to some people but it need not be so. All that you need to do is to use milk, ice cubes and sugar. The purpose of the ice is to add the thickness. There is the blending part of it whereby you will need milk, sugar, vanilla extract and of course the ice. The blending once again should go on until you have formed a smooth consistency that is typical in s strawberry shake recipe.

For those who opt to include the ice cream, the trick is to have some scoops of your favourite ice cream and then add milk and flavourings of your fancy. In this case, you will not be required to add ice. The ice will merely water down your shake and you might not like that much. More milk will thin your mixture if you like.