If you are still new to the smoothie shake recipes, then this example will lift your spirit in as far as eating healthy is concerned. For this particular one, you will only need   milk, blueberries, vanilla extract, a banana and a sweetener. Milk is added the rest of the ingredients before they are blended.

But this is just one of the Smoothie shake recipes you can work on. Fruits are mainly the components making up the Smoothie shake recipes   but there is more to it. Normally, you will find other people adding crushed ice or frozen fruit.

There is also the use of honey and particularly because it adds to the consistency. If you are ever to use the shakes, then it would help to be familiar with ice cream, milk and yogurt to mention but a few.

Knowing how to make Smoothie shake recipes is an important step to enjoying any standard smoothie recipes. You should not despair though if you don’t have all the ingredients in one place.

However, there are those basis ingredients which will help you make the most of the smoothie and ice is definitely one of them. The frozen fruit and the banana are not necessary a must but they are included all the time if you want that consistency that we associate with the smoothie.

The other alternatives will include the yogurt, tofu or even the peanut butter.  For the yogurt, be very particular with the low-fat yogurt; alternatively you can try the Greek yogurt. It is generally agreed that the use of yogurt has been in practise for a long time and especially because it enhances the consistency of   the smoothie.


The Smoothie shake recipes would easily be considered to be incomplete without the fruits. One can go for the sweeter ones like berries as they add to the sweetness. There are a variety of fruits that you can sample.

For those who like the idea of going green with smoothies, nothing beats the dark, green, leafy veggies. Examples abound and will mainly include collard, dandelion, kale and spinach. The idea here is as much as possible avoid the dairy products and that is why you are best confined to the fruits like mangoes and papaya to aid in enhancing the texture of the smoothie.

Skipping yogurt

The idea of using yogurt in the smoothies is widely upheld but this does not mean that you can’t use alternatives.  As long as you have the bananas, berries, sugar and milk, you will be good to go even in the absence of the yogurt. All the other ingredients as mentioned will be mixed together and blended. The only thing that you should not forget is that the ice cubes will come handy when you will be blending the smoothie. Of course a high speed is needed when blending especially if you want that fine consistency.

In conclusion, you can vary your ingredients and still come up with a nice smoothie to keep your guests entertained and for your health as well.