The use of protein shakes has rapidly grown among bodybuilders.  This appears to be a solution to many of them who can’t get enough from protein foods, or can’t get the time to prepare those foods because of their busy schedule. The various shakes contain different proteins such as whey, casein, milk or soy. There have been concerns on particular proteins and as we all know excessive intake of proteins could damage vital body organs. It is, therefore, prudent to get choosy on your protein selection.  In this article, we will assess the benefits of the protein shakes and which one is the best choice and quantity of protein to consume.

Health benefits

Typically, proteins are the body building diet, and this is the reason bodybuilders depend on them for muscle building. Additionally, proteins are important or manufacturing hormones, components of the immune system, nucleic acids, and enzymes. In the absence of protein, the body can’t trigger the component making structures of tissues, cells, and organs. Proteins also ensure generation of the chemical substances ideal for healing, growth, contraction of muscles as well as the functioning of the cardiovascular. Adequate protein content in the body rejuvenates the body structures, and we could do our daily workswithout getting tired quickly or overstrain.

For athletes and bodybuilders, protein is essential after a workout to regain strength and repair worn out tissues. When solid protein food is consumed after a workout, it will take time to reach the muscles because of the slow process of digestion.  Protein shakes are therefore important and much better since they only take minutes to reach the muscles. This is why the shakes are more preferable than solid proteins.

The superior protein

From the list of proteins we mentioned earlier, whey protein is the most consumed. In trying to find out the best protein to take, you need to subject the proteins into some tests of quality. The standard quality test commonly used is the BV(biological value). It measures the amount of protein in the body that can be replaced by 100g of the diet protein. From the scientific studies, it has been suggested that a protein with the highest BV is the best to take. Of all those proteins, whey protein is the leading with a BV of 104.  Egg follows then milk with 100 and 91 respectively.  For this reason, it isfit to drink whey protein shakes.

The amount to be taken and at what times

If you are targeting to build muscles, the recommendable amount of protein to 1 gram per the body weight pound. This is to say, if you weigh 190 pounds if you weigh 190 grams, then you should take 190 g. This should be the average amount of protein to take every day though you can slightly increase the amount.

As a bodybuilder who is regularly training, the best time to take protein is immediately after a workout. This is the time when your body needs it the most.

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