If you would like to have Oreo milk shake, you realize that you can make it taste good anytime so long as you have the recipe with you. In this article, we are going to make the milkshake using a preferred recipe.

The first thing is that you need the ingredients. These include the chocolate syrup, divided Oreo cookies, milk and softened vanilla ice cream.

The instructions

These are simple and all you need to do is to put the syrup in different glasses .The glasses should be bottom coated before you proceed to chop the cookies as the case may be. The chopped cookies should then be reserved to be used later.

The remaining cookies should then be put in a blender and milk added. Ice cream should also be added so that when you blend, you are going to have a smooth consistency finish.

The chopped cookies are then added to the different glasses as earlier set. Your Oreo milkshake will now be ready to be served.

Size issues

You will realize that one can have different servings depending on the number of ingredients you have and the quantity. For instance, 1 cup could easily be used for servings.

The other important thing to not be that the Oreo could be served in frosty nature and still taste wonderful.  You just need to know how to freeze it and when to serve it just right.


There is not just one type of Oreo milkshake as there are substitutes you can try. The vanilla yogurt that is frozen is case on point and as you will realize, it can be used as a perfect substitute to the vanilla ice cream if you will.

The ice cream factor

The ice cream used in the Oreo milkshake sometimes tends to be hard and this makes the preparation of the milkshake difficult. However, there is an easy way out whereby you will let it stay in room temperature for some minutes –like quarter of an hour. It will melt slightly and will be easy to work with.

How much do you stand to gain from this milkshake?

The Oreo nutrition will give you all the facts that you need and in this case, you will count 300 calories on your side, 13g of fat and 7g of saturated fat.

There is high sodium to be obtained from this milkshake as you will receive 220mg.One will however need to be careful because this Oreo will also pump  into the body 35 mg of  cholesterol. This is definitely high for the body and as such, taking it sparingly would be the best way to go about it.

You can count on the carbs as it provides you with 40g.Other additional benefits include dietary fibre at 1g, 32g of sugar, vitamins and minerals. It is instructive to note that Oreo milkshake is one of the most nutritious treats that you can possibly have. The substitute gives you a free hand on how you want it to taste.