The protein shake is prepared by mixing the protein powder with other liquids like water and milk. Ordinarily, one can just put the mixer in a plastic container and stir them to a certain consistency. This sounds rather easier said than done. The protein shake tend to be sticky on the sides of the container that you are using. Without a protein bottle, you should expect the protein powder to clump at the bottom of the container. Once again, the protein bottle is an indispensable container when it comes to the preparation of the protein mix.

This bottle is also known as shaker bottle because you will add the liquids and the protein powder before shaking it to a smooth finish.

Why you need the protein bottle

After work outs, you muscles need to be replenished and this is where the bottle comes into use. As you will realize, the only way to get the most out of the protein shake is to prepare it as expected. If it is not well mixed, it will be unappealing and consequently, not appetizing at all. The secret to enjoying your shake is to prepare it nicely.

The art of preparation

You will first get yourself your favourite protein powder. Then get milk, water, juice or any other liquied, depending on the instructions given on its preparation.

The protein bottle will be where all the mixing will be done. Getting a smooth consistency of the shake is not easy since the protein shakes tends to stick or clump at the bottom or the sides of the standard container. This could perhaps explain why the bottle has become increasingly popular for the protein shakes. There are a number of features of the bottle which makes it more ideal for use in the protein shale making.

The screw lid

Are you scared that the contents of the container will spill as you shake it? Well, the screw lid is a part of the container and is for firmly closing the bottle at the top. This secures the mix so that you can shake as vigorously as you wish without worrying that the liquid will spill. However, you must ensure that you turn the screw until it produces a sound which signals that it is completely closed.

The markings

The marking on the side is meant to guide you with the measurement. If you are adding a liquid measured in oz, you will probably want to know the extent to which it should reach in the bottle. The markings serve the purpose as you willed as per the markings.

Without these markings, you might add too much of a particular liquid at the expense of the others and this could have an impact on the final product which in this case is the protein shake.

The mesh screens are handy when it comes to stirring. Having seen how the protein powder sticks and clumps, you wouldn’t want   this to happen with your favourite drink. The use of the mesh helps prevent this.