This is the number 1 shaker bottle you can have in handy. It is the latest in the market and has come with advanced features. With it, you can keep liquid, powdered supplements, pills and snacks in one bottle.  It comprises of the bottle, two jars, a ball wire whisk and a distinct twist lid. The following are the benefit of using Prostak as your bottle shaker.

  1. An independent jar system

When you purchase Prostak, you get two other separate jars that help in carrying supplements to use before and after the workout. Each jar has its own lid made using the new twist n’ lock technology and can easily be attached to the bottle’s bottom.

  1. Whisk ball for blending

This is the main feature of theshaker bottle. The ball guarantees you a smooth drink with no lumps. You first add the liquid then powder and only shake for a few seconds. The whisk ball smoothens the drink faster than a plain bottle. You can add in some peanut butter, yogurt, ice cream, oat flour and smashed bananas and get a smooth frothed beverage.

  1. Flip clap

The bottle comes with a flip cap that stays open and provides an area to hold more content and a place you can attach your keys while doing your workouts. The loop also helps you to carry the bottle with just one finger as the others hold your phone or keys.

  1. No spillage

Prostak has a screw-on lid that tightly fastens the bottle and ensures that no content spills to your bag or car seat. With the lid tight and the flip cap snapped, you are ready to go on with your errands.

  1. The best quality

The bottle is made from high-quality materials, and the shaker cups are phthalate and BPA free. So, you are assured of no harmful chemicals getting into your beverage.

  1. Saves space

The bottle provides you with enough space to store in all you would require for your daily workouts; the supplements both pills and powders and even snacks. The two independent jars provide extra space for holding content. It has a pill tray where you can arrange your protein pills and saves space for other supplements. The big 250 cc jar also allows for the carrying of the major nutritional supplements and chopped fruits.

  1. A variety of colors

If you would like to have a bottle of your favorite color or one that blends with your bag, then Prostak provides you with a variety of colors to choose from. The available colors are pink, red, orange, yellow, light blue, dark blue and purple.

  1. Portable

The bottle is portable and convenient for use wherever you go; to the gym or work.

In conclusion, the Prostak shaker bottle is the ideal protein shaker to have. It comes with many other benefits besides storage and blending. This makes it the best in the market and one that will ensure you get all the healthy supplements for your workout.