The idea of making Oreo ice cream might sound as off the wall for most people who are used to buying one in a supermarket. You will however be pleased to learn to make one, you only need the right recipe and you are good to go.

The following simple way to make the Oreo ice cream will help you even when you are at joke. The first thing you will need to do is to get the ingredients together .Get condensed milk, cream and cookies. Vanilla and sugar will be needed at the same time and now the preparation part follows.


The milk and sugar are the first to go and you will whisk them together in a bowl. Ensure that no sugar is left in the bowl and that all of it dissolves.

The cream and vanilla are next to be added. You ought to be careful when adding them since they will be very heavy and might stick on the edges of the container.

The ice cream maker

This will be the final destination of your Oreo ice cream as you will freeze it here .The manufacturer’s usually give instructions on how to go about it, so you will not have to worry about the freezing process.

Crumbled Oreos

There will be Oreos which will crumble and hence the need to stir them before storing them in air tight container.

One can also learn to make the Oreo ice cream from scratch and the basic steps are as follows;

The ice cream maker is the first to be prepared using salt, hand cranking or simply freezing; the choice is yours.

The second step is the addition of milk and cream and the third step is of course the addition of sugar, salt and vanilla extract.

Bowl in the fridge

This is where the freezing comes into the picture. All the contents in the bowl are now put in the fridge just as had been described from start.

Crushing Oreo cookies

 There are some spare chunks of Oreo that you will need to crush to fill a cup. This could   be done in several ways and these include blending, chopping or just smashing them inside a resalable bag. The last method is to crumble them in between your fingers; all these are aimed at helping you to crush the Oreos to a desired consistency.

Ice cream mixture

The mixer bowl is the next place you will need to focus on. Here, you will you add the mixture of ice cream, being careful not to fill to the brim. Remember the ice cream will tend to expand when frozen, so leaving a few mm off the top of the bowl will help prevent spilling of any kind.

Addition of cookies

The next thing is to add cookies whilst at the same time continuing to stir and finally, you will be required to put the ice cream mixture in container and the ice cream will be ready.