You might have heard people talking about protein shakers, and you don’t understand what it is. Yes, it is different from the ordinary water bottle and has advanced features to allow the mixing of liquids and powders.  It’s a valuable investment to have. After going through this article, you’ll know its importance and why you need to own one.

What are they?

Protein shakers, just as the name suggests, are used to combine protein liquids and powders.  This is a must-have container for bodybuilders who require protein supplements on a daily basis. The bottle helps you to measure and mix protein powders liquids such as milk and water.  You can do the same with the ordinary bottle but the clumps left on top of the drink will not make it appetizing.  Besides the good mixing of proteins, the shaker is convenient and portable especially when you are at work or the gym.  The sip top lid of the shaker makes it easy to drink your beverage without spilling.

Types of protein shakers

Currently, the common type is the plain bottles though other kinds have been introduced and are taking the lead because of their advanced features.

  1. Plain bottle: the bottle is of a plastic or aluminum material. It has a sipping opening at the lid. Some have measurements on the outside part.
  2. Bottle with a mesh screen: it resembles the plain bottle but comes with amesh screen that is attached to the bottom to help in dissolving protein powders.
  3. Bottle with a ball whisk: it also looks like the plain bottle. It has a wire ball whisk at the bottom to dissolve protein powders.

There are also shakers with compartments for additional space for holding large amounts of protein powder or other powdered supplements.

Using and cleaning the protein shakers

This is a user-friendly bottle that won’t give you tough times in handling it. You first add the liquid before adding the powder. If you do the viceversa, clumps will form on the drink. Add them in appropriate measurements. The measurements on the shaker will help you measure the liquid whereas, for the powder, a scoop will help you add the right quantity.  For bottles with ball whisks, drop the ball inside before sealing. The same happens to the mesh screen, fix it before covering with the lid. After fixing the lid tightly, shake the bottle vigorously for a minute; that’s for the plain bottle. If the bottle has the whisk ball or a mesh screen, you can shake for a few seconds.

Clean the bottle after using; don’t leave it dirty until the next time you are using it. Wash it with soap and warm water then leave it to dry before using it again. Even with a thorough cleaning, the bottle may start emanating a strange odor. If this occurs, wash it with a baking soda solution. Add few tablespoons of baking soda to the bottle then add warm water and shake after sealing. Let it rest for a while then shake again. Repeat the procedure for some hours then rinse it with clean water.