For many diet watchers, nothing is as compelling as a good nutrition diet that will help them lean in a matter of days. In fact, it is possible to be lean and healthy in just under a month. There are only 3 principles that you will apply and get the desired results. Let us look at them.


We all know the role of proteins in our bodies and for this reason; they will apply in our very first principle in the nutrition diet. Eating a gram of protein that is equivalent to a pound of your weight everyday for the next 28 days should become your mantra. The reason why this is so advised is founded on the understanding that a calorie diet that is highly restrictive and which offers low protein will cause you to lose muscles. You will be lucky to lose any fat in the process and this basically tells you why upping your intake of protein will be very beneficial in your nutrition diet plan.

Low carbs

The next principle or mantra that you will sing for the next 28 days that you should maintain a low carb diet. On average, you should be able to keep them as low as 100g, though you can alternate with 150 g of the fibre rich carbs such as the ones found in oats, whole grain bread and rice. These ones will keep you well supplied with carbs without spiking it to high levels unnecessarily. The tricky part has much to do with observing this routine for 28 days. There is always that temptation to deviate and entertain the sweet tooth but for the sake of getting lean, then this will be your regime to follow.


It has often been drummed into our heads that we need plenty of water, though there seems to be a lot of conflicting information on just how much we should take. A gallon of water will just be sufficient to keep you hydrated, help in the digestion and support all the body functions. There is this mentality that you can actually survive on the low-calorie drinks or diet sodas. Though they will work somehow, you will still find that the plain water remains the safest bet and especially if you are very keen to lose weight.

The above are really the principles to follow if you are to succeed in the nutrition diet plan but at the end of the day, what counts is whether you are able to hold through to the 28th day without wavering.

There are those who have succeeded while others falter along the way. Getting lean is not magic .it calls for personal commitment and understanding how our bodies utilize nutrients. You will need to focus on the fats, sugars and the carbs. The protein foods are very important.

But even more important is the determination to shed the extra weight naturally. Keep off the cravings as they have a tendency to divert your attention from serious weight loss.