The Nutella calories can be determined using the jar or spoon. In our case, we are going to look at the calories found in just one teaspoonful of Nutella. Well, for starters, a teaspoonful is about 0.7z. There are about 100 calories or 418kJ.  Before you start thinking this is very little, let us look at the various ways in which you would expend the same amount of energy.


If you were to walk, then it will take you 26 minutes to burn the entire Nutella calories. This is no mean feat and mind you we are talking about a spoonful. If you took a jar of 400g, then this would be energy to last you for more than a day without replenishing!


This is more vigorous than walking; meaning that you will nearly half the time you took in walking to burn the entire 100 Nutella calories. For just 11 minute s of jogging, you will have burned the entire 100 calories.


This is even more engaging and actually triples the burning   of the calories in comparison to walking.  You will take 8 minutes to burn the entire 100 calories. The idea is to go for the most vigorous activity if you have consumed several spoonfuls of the Nutella.


Finally, for 13 minutes of cycling, you will burn all the 100 calories.

All the above examples point to a significant conclusion about Nutella: it is a rich source of energy in calories and is really recommended for the active persons.

Calories from fat in Nutella

Nutella has high amount of fat no doubt.  From the 100 of the Nutella calories, you will find that 54g are from fat. This is should be a wakeup call to those who like taking Nutella without exercising. You will accumulate a high amount of fat in the body and your bid to lose weight might be put in jeopardy.

Though we are mainly looking at the Nutella calories, it is important to look at the whole picture in terms of the nutrition. There are other aspects of nutrition which mainly includes saturated fat and transfats.fortunarely; you will only have to grapple 2gof saturated fat and 0g of transfats. The entire percentage of fat is 6g, accountinfg for 9% of the daily value. For those not very familiar with daily values, they are given as a percentage and then of course they refer to the recommended amount of that nutrition that you should consume in a day.

Cholesterol is luckily 0, so you will not have to worry about it. Sodium on the other hand is given as 8mg.

The total carbs stand at 10.5g or 4% of the daily value, out of which 0.5 is the dietary fiber.

Sugar is prohibitively high, given at 10g while protein is low at only 1g.All the same, you will contend with the 20mg of calcium which is very crucial.

In conclusion, there is much that one stands to gain from the Nutella nutrition, though it is important to watch out on some aspects like sugar and fat.