Having the right Oreo ingredients can go a long way in having all the information that you need. Let’s say even in a wild guess, would you name what is contained in the Oreo ingredients? Well, the following is the full list and you need not guess.


One of the main ingredients is sugar for the obvious reason that you would want it to be tasty. The sugar is included in the mixer when preparing your favourite   cookie.


This is an important ingredient which is usually enriched and preferably unbleached. The reason for this is because you will mainly want a healthy flour to make your cookie.

Oleic canola

The canola oil will count when counting the Oreo ingredients and this oil is notably high in oleic. Palm oil could also be included where necessary.

Cocoa powder

What would be the Oreo cookies are like without the cocoa powder? Definitely not yummy .In fact you won’t say that you have the Oreo cookies per se.

 Corn syrup

Reading through the label of the Oreo cookie, you will not fail to notice the high fructose syrup of corn.

Going further into what constitutes the Oreo cookie, you will find leavening as an important aspect of the Oreo cookie.


You will definitely require the corn starch in the making of the Oreo cookie.


To spice up your cookie, you will definitely find that the salt comes in handy in the whole mix…


There are those of us who will swear by the soy to make a delectable part of the Oreo ingredients. Soy is included in the mix so as to enhance the taste.


This should have been top of the list as vanilla is the very embodiment of   the Oreo making and as you will realize, it gives the cookie that taste that can only   be the embodiment of the Oreo making.


Who doesn’t love the chocolate? The idea of including the chocolate in the making of Oreo cooking is an informed one as it defines the Oreos as we know them. Simply put no chocolate, no Oreo cookie. If you check the Oreo label carefully, you will not fail to notice that conspicuously present is chocolate.

 The serving

For only 3 cookies, you can expect to have up to 160 calories .The 25 g of carbohydrates will all be yours.

There are a lot more in terms of the nutrients found in the Oreo cookies but the underlying point here is that much of the nutrients are a reflection of the ingredients that have been included. This is the main reason why we have focussed on list of the ingredients.

Most of us   ignore the pertinent issue surrounding what is written on the Oreo cookie label. The information is vital as it helps us to understand what we are eating and whether it is healthy or not. In most cases, it makes all the difference as we are able to decide what to eat and what to exclude.