For those who buy food with reading the label, you need to do so and particularly if it is the Nutella nutrition. One question that is commonly asked is: how much is contained in Nutella? Well, everything is as given in the Nutella label and in this article, we have broken it down for you .The word of caution is that the contents will probably make you cautious on what you are eating in Nutella!


It contains a high amount of calories with 99 calories alone giving you a whopping 11 grams of fat and don’t forget there is 3.5 grams of saturated fat. But the 80 calories with 21g of sugar is quite something and especially if you want to keep light.


There should be a red alert on the Nutella nutrition label in regard to the mineral sodium, given the fact that you will have a whole 15mg to grapple with.

Low protein

Perhaps another sad fact is that you will have to cope with very low amount of protein which is just 2g. This is not a negative campaign about Nutella but hell, how could you have modified palm oil as the part of the ingredients? This oil is harmful, much as it is toxic.

We need to go back to the Nutella nutrition label just to have a deeper understanding of the ingredients and the implication they have.

The first culprit is of course sugar and the modified palm oil that we have just seen. There is also whey powder, cocoa, skimmed milk, vanillin and lecithin. Well, the problem is not in the last two ingredients but the other ones and for obvious reasons.

The sugar is very high for any standard and according to analysis done so far, it actually turns out not to be the normal sugar but the white, highly refined  and most likely, you have GMO staring at you.

Now, it hardly makes sense to add sugar to already sugar-laden ingredients such as chocolate spread.

Not the best of spread

When put side by side for comparison with hazel, the latter beats the former hands down as we can see from the simple comparison given here below.

According to the Nutella nutrition, there are 94 calories in hazelnut compared to the 100 in the Nutella. Does that ring a bell somehow?

The protein is another source of contention with hazel supplying 3 grams against the 1 gram in Nutella. No prizes here for guessing which one is preferable.

The fat is yet another area we need to do some parallels where you will find that Nutella gives you 6 grams while the hazelnut has 11.5 grams. Though the fat in hazelnut is higher, it is the healthy fat compared to Nutella.

The carbs are the last that we are going to look at side by side. In this typical example, Nutella will supply you with 11g of carbs while hazelnut has 3g.

The vitamin E in hazelnut is higher than the one in the Nutella, standing at 42% to 10% of the RDI.