Making Oreo cookies is easy but one will need to be familiar with the various Oreo recipes. The best one given here involves using dough that has to fill. Let us see how you will go about it.

Preparation time

It will generally take you 1 hour, 20 minutes to be done with the cooking but you will have 40 minutes of preparation, 20 minutes of inactivity and 20 minutes of cooking time.

 Using this grand example of Oreo recipes, you will be able to make several cookies .it is labelled as easy and on we now move to the ingredients.

Get cocoa powder, flour, salt, granulated sugar, eggs and vanilla extract. Of course this has to be filled using unsalted butter that has been softened, vegetable fat, sugar and vanilla extract.

Method of cooking

The first thing you will need to do is to sift the flour together with cocoa powder and salt. Everything is done in a bowl.

The mixer is the next item on the list to be used to cream butter and sugar. The eggs are added at this time and finally, the vanilla extract. The ingredients are added last and a spatula used to scrap the bowl’s bottom.

The dough is jpg divided into. One of the piece is put in between the sheets of paper we call parchment. The other will be completed next and once you have made 2 large rectangles, they will be ready to be refrigerated for between 1 hour to several days, depending on the time you want to proceed with the preparation.

Cutting the dough

As you precede with example of the Oreo recipes, you will now cut the dough to several circles top form cookies. They are then placed on the ungreased sheets where they are supposed to chill as you await to preheat the oven.


The next thing willow is the baking part whereby they are baked inside the oven until they change colour. When they start to darken, you know that you will have to cool them on wire racks and set the filling.


The creaming of the butter using the mixer is the main activity here .Sugar and vanilla are included in the mixture so that you get a fluffy consistency.

The cookies should not be flipped and filled with the filling. 1 tablespoonful of the filling will be sufficient for each, after which you will use the remaining cookies to press onto of the filling to end up with a sandwich of some sort.

You will realize that is just one example of various Oreo recipes you can sample and make some yummy Oreos. The trick is in the preparation because it is not done right; you will end up with a messed Oreo which you might not like.

Did you know that you can have the alcohol filling instead of the cream one? You can also have the pudding pie recipe, strawberry and crème recipe among many others. We have only sampled one so far!