Fancy a cyclone cup of 20 oz with a storage compartment? Well, you probably didn’t even think there are such protein cups in use. The truth of the matter is that Protein shake cup has undergone a lot of improvement to the extent that you can mix your drink and still a cool and safe place to store it in the same container.

One might be tempted to ask why this is so but is obvious that convenience counts when it comes to the use of the Protein shake cup. Imagine a situation whereby you are mixing various drinks and intend to use them a little bit later. It is not necessary to start finding other places to store the ready drinks. The compartment facilitates the storage and this could perhaps explain why these bottles are becoming highly popular these days.

How to use the Protein shake cup with storage

This is very much like the protein bottle cup or shaker cup except that it is much more advanced to incorporate a storage place where you will store the protein liquid. This makes it all-inclusive, a factor which makes it ideal for use when you are on the move and wants to take the protein shake with you.

Safety and hygiene

Once you have prepared the protein mix, you do not want to keep changing the content from one container to the next. There are inherent risks such as the risk of the dishwasher. The phthalate and BPA are the other problems that are compounded with the use of the standard bottles. So, whether you are into pancakes, batter, protein shakes or the smoothies, you would want to have a hygienic place to store them. The Protein shake cup with storage couldn’t have come at a better time.

Supplement storage system

This is not storage but a system in the sense that it is designed to improve the storage of the liquids that you prepare. It is commonplace to find the lack proper storage in the bottles that are conventionally used. One needs to appreciate the fact that the protein shakes and the other liquids are very delicate and as such, could easily be spoilt or lack the appeal if they are not properly stored.

Other features

Apart from the storage compartments, there is the screw lid and mesh screen. These are meant to enhance the use of the container. The screw lid for one helps to tighten the cup so that the content is held firmly inside.

The clumpy and sticky nature of the protein powder could be a serious challenge were it not for the fact that the mesh screen has been included in the more recent models of the shaker cup.

Investing in such cups also calls for attention to details and this is where the storage compartment is included   to enhance the usability of the protein shake. It is more hygienic, safer and convenient too. You will just love the new look too!