There are many types of yogurt meals and one only needs to identify the one that they want. For instance, apart from the non-fat, Greek yogurt nutrition, you will have soy yogurt, Breyersf, frozen vanilla and many others. Our interest for today is the Greek yogurt nutrition.

Any yogurt is produced through fermentation of bacteria and as you will discover, yogurt is one of the healthiest foods that you can possibly have at one given time. Let us use a container of 170g for illustration purposes and see what we stand to gain from it.

Calorific value

This just 170g container will provide you with a whole 100 calories. This is no mean feat for the yogurt and obviously, it will give you sufficient energy to keep you going.

Low in fact

It is expected that the non-fat Greek yogurt  will give you low amount of fat. The 0.7g of fat is low by any level, given the fact that we are looking at the non-fat type. It is important to point out though; the fact that even the non fat one will still have some traces of fat, hence the 0.7g.

This 0.7 g fat is   comprised of other types of fat such as the saturated fats standing at 1% of the daily value for the 0.2g; there is the polyunsaturated fat at 0% and 0.1g of the polyunsaturated fats. The absence of the transfats is also something worth noting here.

High cholesterol

The Greek yogurt nutrition and particularly the non-fat one has high cholesterol which stands at 3% o of the daily value or 9mg. This is not particularly very good news for those who want to keep off the cholesterol completely.

The sodium and potassium are high in the non-fat Greek yogurt nutrition and as you will find out, the 61mg of the sodium constitutes 2% of the daily value whilst potassium at 240mg comprises of the 6% of the daily value.


As expected, one will definitely get some good amounts of carbs and in this case, we are looking at 6g oxcarts, making 2% of the daily value. Unfortunately, out of this, you will get 0% of the dietary fibre that the body badly needs.  Sugar is however on the high side at 6g, which is again not good for the weight watchers.

 High protein

We conclude on the Greek yogurt nutrition by looking at the protein amounts. The yogurt in question does not disappoint and for this reason, you will get a whopping 17g or 17% of the daily value. This makes it the highest of all the nutrient content in the yogurt. We know quite well that proteins are very important to our muscles and especially the repair work.

There are some significant amounts of vitamins and minerals as well.  Vitamin A for one is given as 3% of the daily value whilst calcium is one of the highest at 10%. The vitamin B-12 is 3% whilst iron and vitamin C are each at 1%.