The nutrition that we use everyday needs to be determined and one way of doing it is the use of the nutrition facts calculator. In this article, we are going to look at vital information that you need to have accurate results.


When it comes to the nutrition facts calculator, you will be dealing with the single ingredient meals, mixed dishes, recipes and to large extent full meals. Whichever way you look at it, you will find that this calculator will prove very useful.

This calculator has a column where you will be able to input values for, say, 2 cups of soy milk. The column for cups can be adjusted depending on the number of cups.

Units of conversions

You will realize that conversions can be tricky and this could hold true when it comes to the use of the calculator. For instance, you will find that there are grams and oz as the most commonly used units in the foods. You will find that one has to get the most convenient conversions available. If the one that you need is not available, then you will need to look for it.

The basis of conversion is vital. For instance, if you have 1oz, then this is equivalent to 28.4 grams, which basically means that if you have 8 oz, then you will just multiply with the 1 unit of the oz in grams to get the total in grams.

Using the spreadsheet

The next important aspect of the nutrition facts calculator has a lot to do with the calories and calculating depending on whether you are looking at recipes, full or single ingredient meals as we earlier saw.

Once you have determined that for instance you want a full meal, you will proceed to make use of the name and amount of the every ingredient in the meal. There are columns provide for each and all you need to do is to input in each as required.

Add totals

After inputting, you will add the total value of the calories in the recipe. The servings come handy and will essentially help in the calories   and the constituent nutrients. Up to this point, you will appreciate the fact that the nutrition facts calculator comes handy and if possible, everyone   should gave basic knowledge on how Togo about it.

Ready calculated meals

There is usually this mistaken assumption that one can have ready calculated meals in the databases for such major organizations like USDA. They are not available for a fact and one might be required to carry out on calculations based on their dishes. This should be the case given the fact that there are no standard meals that will apply for everyone across the board.

Lastly, it is important to know when using the nutrition facts calculator that each of the meals that we take contain have different nutrients and that in all cases, the calculator will help you to work out what is contained in each one of them.