For many people who enjoy the Oreo, one persistent question has been on the Oreo calories and in this article, we are going  to lay it bare so that you will have a  better understanding on  how much it has in terms if  the calories.

The package of cookies has on average 6 Oreos, so it is easier to work with it. Now, each of the cookies has 45 calories, which basically means that if you eat all the cookies, you will have taken a total of 270 calories! We need however, to dissect into the heart of the cookie and see in the calories of the individual cookies, how much of the carbs, fat and so on are found in it.


From the 45 Oreo calories in one cookie, you should expect to have 27 g of   carbs. This is a relatively high amount of carbs and you can be sure to get the recommended daily allowance or the percentage value from just one cookie.

The fat

The fat content in the Oreo calories is high as it stands at 16.5. This basically means that you should watch how many of these cookies you are eating in a day. It is advisable that you don’t eat all the cookies in a package in a day as this could increase the fat content in the body to a dangerous level. Taking just one cookie would be sufficient although this will again depend on whether you will take any other food in the course of the day, which contains fat or carbs.


Protein is not as high as one would imagine. Each of the cookies will only supply your body eighth 1.5 of the protein. This however does not mean that the protein is insufficiently low. In fact this is reasonably good amount by any standard and that one should ensure that they get stuffiest amount from eating an extra cookie if the percentage daily value is not attained.

If you are to take the Oreo calories, then it is important as always to know the nutrient value so that you can work out what you are getting from a helping of the Oreo. In most cases, people concentrate on the sweet part of it and forget that it has the nutrition part of it as well.  Oreo is nutritious by its own right and one can enjoy it at any one given time.

The pre-packaged classic highly popular and comes with 6 Oreo cookies inside. One can buy it and take the Oreo cookies for breakfast with milk daily. They are recommended for the morning because as we have seen, they are packed with high amounts of calories to help kick start your day.

It is important to remember though that such high calories should be burned to release energy in the activities of the day, otherwise, you could easily have a problem if you just take them and idle around!