One thing you will notice with a standard nutrition chart is that it is merely an aid that is intended to help one stick to their weight loss, sticking to   diet programs and at the same time analyse the various recipes available.

General knowledge

We have seen some people who take every word in the nutrition chart whilst it is supposed to be only general knowledge to guide you along the way. The medical advice and the treatment proffered are supposed to be followed and in no way should it be replaced by the nutrition chart.

Fitness regime

The fitness regime is important to be followed as per the instructions of your physician. This should not again be presumed to mean that they chart is not important. In fact it offers you a chance to better your diet and probably help you stay on course.

Work in the progress

The reason why we are calling it work in progress is simply because it is never complete. You will always find something to add to it every day.

Room for errors

It is always okay to give oneself some room for correction of errors and make the necessary adjustments. This however should not be construed to mean that you should not put in a lot of effort to make it accurate.

What is contained in the nutrition chart?

There is so much that you stand to learn from this chart. One of them is that there are the particular food types that are part of the diet. You will ideally have some types of food which form the daily meal plan.

It offers you the various options on how each of the foods should be combined. The chart will give you a guide on what should go with what and how much of each.

There is additional information on the type the, calorific value and the nutrient value as a whole. The nutrients in this case refer to the fats, carbs, proteins, minerals and vitamins. If you have ever doubted if you are eating a healthy diet, then the chart is the only way to find out.

There is the serving size, the ounces and what is contained in each. The percentage daily value will give you a sense on the amount of each of the nutrients you should take to meet the minimum. If for instance you think that you are taking less of a particular nutrient, the only way to find out is by looking at this chart.


This chart is very vital as it contains all the information on diet plan and the regime that you should follow to remain healthy.  For those who are looking to shed weight, then you need the chart to look at where you are getting it wrong. By making the necessary substitutes here and there, you will find that it will become much easier to shed the extra pounds and at the same time, you will manage to remain healthy.

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