If   you are intending to make Nutella at home, there are some Nutella nutrition facts that you need to know about.

To begin with, the sugar in it is just crazy, like 21 grams in just a single serving. Fat is not little either  as you will have grapple with 11 grams, out of which  3.5  are saturated . The upshot here is that   you should watch out on the sugar and fat as indicated in the Nutella nutrition facts.

All the same, the one made at home will be a safer bet since you will be able to tell how much you are adding as ingredients.

A homemade one with a serving of 8 will give you a whopping 120 calories as compared to the one you buy at the supermarket. The sugar is far much less again as it stands at 8.5 grams as per the Nutella nutrition facts.

The fat in this homemade Nutella is also favourable as you will have 7.63 grams. But perhaps the amount of the saturated fat is what is most encouraging as it stands at only 0.5 grams. Though saturated fats are always present in foods with fats, keeping the former at low levels is highly encouraged.

In this case, you will need ingredients such roasted almonds. Just a cup will suffice but you will find that the unsalted ones are preferable to the salted ones for the recipe.

A quarter cup of honey is an important part of the ingredients, so is the 2 spoonfuls of cocoa powder and 3 table spoonfuls of water.

The almonds should be pulsed so that you are left with finely ground ones. The other ingredients as mentioned here above should be added to the finely ground almonds and you will be good to go. The resultant creamy mixture is what you need.

At this point and time, your Nutella will be ready to be eaten. Since our focus is on the Nutella nutrition facts, we need to pay attention to the following:


They might be high depending on the serving size but the underlying point here is that you need to keep the calories within a manageable standard.

The sugar is the main culprit and especially if you buy instead of making one at home. The idea of making the Nutella is founded on the understanding that you will keep the sugar at the lowest level possible.

The fat is the third nutrition element that you need to keep watch on. The fat will contain the unsaturated and saturated fat. It is the saturated fat might actually harm your body instead of improving it.

Thankfully, the home made Nutella will be easy to keep check on the amount contained in them. It however means keeping tabs on the ingredients right from the time of preparation to conclusion.

Nutella is a sweet and healthy snack and therefore, one should not allow the high h sugar and fat be a hindrance to its enjoyment, but this would mean going the homemade way.