Have you lately tasted anything that is better than Nutella? If not, the hazelnut spread recipe is one that will give you that great taste like you have not experienced before.

The ingredients include heaps of the hazel nuts. For just 4 servings, 2 cups of the hazel will be enough but you will be better off with the skinned ones, such that they only weigh 10 ounces.

Sugar is needed and for this particular one, you just need a quarter cup of for a perfect hazelnut spread recipe. To sweeten it further, you would better get yourself the bittersweet chocolate that that has been coarsely cut.

A stick of butter that has not been salted will be needed and of course you will be required to maintain it at room temperature. Two other ingredients that you will need include a heavy cream and a ¾ kosher salt.

The equipment that you need before getting started is just an 8-ounce jar. Since you are serving 4 people, have 4 of them ready and in this case, each of them should be 8 ounces as aforementioned.

The preparation

The preparation as per the hazelnut spread recipe is a simple one and generally involves preheating the oven to some 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The nuts are then roasted while at the same time roasting the shaking sheet… After a quarter of an hour, the nuts will be roasted with their skins removed. If all the skins are removed, then you will need to manually remove them using a clean towel.

The hazel nuts are then ground to a smooth, pasty form for no more than 60 seconds. The chocolate is the next ingredient in line to be worked on. It is placed in medium bowl and simmered to melt. Butter is then added and whisked to a smooth consistency .Salt and cream is added before finally adding to the mixture the paste of the hazelnut.

The resultant mixture or the gianduja is divided into equal proportions before being allowed to cool. After it has cooled down, it will thicken more like peanut butter. The advantage of this mixture is that by any standard, it can be stored in cooled form for a long time. In fact it is widely held that as given in the hazelnut spread recipe, you can keep it in fresh form for 4 days provided that you maintain it at room temperature.

There is so much that you will get from the nutrition information of the hazelnut spread. To begin with, it is a rich source of calories, guaranteeing you up to 299 calories. The fat constitutes 38% or 25g of the fat content, out of which saturated fat is 10g or 50%. It is notable here that the saturated fat is on the higher side and for anyone who is trying to keep their health on the check, this could be somehow tricky.

Watch out to for the polyunsaturated fat which is 2 grams and by any standard, it could keep you on the edge in terms of health.