It is not enough to enjoy the taste of the delicious banana strawberry smoothie. It will help just to know what takes to make one and this is the main reason why we are focusing on this aspect of the smoothing plus of course the preparation part.

Making the smoothie in a blender

As for a fact, you can make the banana strawberry smoothie in a blender. What you need to do is only the banana chunks being placed together with the frozen berries, milk and yogurt inside the blender. The blender is then covered the normal way and turned on. The speed should be high so that in just under 1 minute or thereabouts, the smoothie should be ready to drink and should just be poured inside a glass.

One thing though, filling the blender with the ingredients isn’t recommended because the content could spill out when the blender is turned on. Be careful too not to forget to turn the blender off when the blending is done.

The calories

One commonly asked question regarding the banana strawberry smoothie

 Has a lot to do with the calories in the smoothie. The strawberry smoothie will give you between 188 and 210 calories. The assumption here is that you are using the 12 ounce serviing.otherwise varying the ingredients could potentially affect the content in terms of the fat and the calories. This is because the creaminess will change and so will the thickness.

Making the banana strawberry smoothie

For many people getting  the  smoothie could be a challenge but for a fact ,all that you need to do is to  have  the basic ingredients of the strawberry ,vanilla,yogurt,milk and possibly  sugar . After dipping them in ice, they will be ready to blend and you will be good to go. Once ready, you will only need to pour it into the glass and enjoy it. It is as simple as that!

Another important issue that needs to be settled once and for all has a lot to do with whether to include or exclude yogurt. The truth of the matter is that it can go either way and that the underlying point here is that if you choose not to use the yogurt, then this is how to go about it. The berry smoothie contents are put inside the blended, having excluded the yogurt but including the banana, sugar, milk and the strawberry.

They are then blended in high speed inside the blender, ensuring that all the clods of all the fruits are not included in the mix.

It is clear to you now that the making of this smoothie is an easy one and that even a beginner will find it simple and straight forward.

 Next time you want this smoothie, all you need to have all the ingredients ready and everything else will fall into place. Another important bit has of course to do with the variation of the ingredients. As we have seen, some can be removed like the yogurt.