To best interpret the double stuf oreo, one only needs to look at the double stuff sandwich cookies. They are   very much like the Oreo as we know them, so will give us an idea on what they contain.

2 cookies of the Oreo, equivalent to 29g will supply you with up to 150 calories which is by any standard and good amount. The fat alone constitutes 63 of the calories. The total fat of 7g accounts to 11% of the percentage daily value.

The saturated fat in the double stuf Oreo is 10% of the daily value, assuming that you take 2g of the same. At  just 1g is the polyunsaturated fat   and 3g of polyunsaturated fat, this is one food you would want to take with caution, though it is not doing badly off on the  side of  the cholesterol ,standing at 0mg.

Sodium in the double stuf Oreo is given as 3% of the daily percentage at 80mg.potasssium scores low in the daily percentage values at 0% and is 15mg.

The carbohydrates in the double stuf Oreo nutrition is high enough and hence detailing here. The 21g of the food will supply you with 7% of the daily vale, which implies that this is just the right snack you would want to take in the morning as you need lots of energy to get started for the day.

The dietary fibre unfortunately is not present in the double stuf Oreo as it stands at only 0% of the daily value. Perhaps it would be a worthwhile thing to ensure that you look for the dietary fibre from any the source.

The sugar at 12g is also not provided for in the daily percentage, more the reason why   you wouldn’t count on it. This may however be a good thing, given the fact that we are looking for ways to cut the sugars in the fast foods.

The lack of protein is something else here as it is clearly given as 0g or 0% of the daily value. This complete lack of protein doesn’t make the Oreo a complete food, though one would be more inclined to look at it as more of a source of energy, rather than for the protein that is lacking.

On the double stuf Oreo nutrition, we   also need to bear in mind the fact that though it lacks in the major vitamins such as A and C you can still count on the iron mineral found it. It is given as 2% of the daily value. Saying therefore that the Oreo is a good source of iron is an understatement even if the amount isn’t as high.

The good and bad points of the double stuf are there for you to see. You will not have to worry about the high cholesterol or sodium. But that is all there is that you will not worry about.

The high sugar is however causing for concern in this aspect of  nutrition.