It is important to have coconut milk nutrition facts so that next time you get it, you will know what you are taking. For instance, 1 tablespoonful of the coconut milk is 15g and will supply you with the following:


This coconut milk will supply you with 34 calories. This is not bad for starters and it only shows that taking a cup will give you hundreds calories.

Total fat

This food has high amount of fat, if the 3.6g or the 5% of the daily value is anything to go by. This just means saturated fat is the highest and that at 3.2g or 16% of the daily value, you will need to be careful how much you are taking of it. The polyunsaturated fat is absent   except that there is 0.2g which again is 0% of the daily value.

0 cholesterol

There is no cholesterol in the coconut milk nutrition which is quite encouraging. As we are well aware, high amount of cholesterol is not good for   the body. Thankfully, you can take this milk without having to worry about the cholesterol content.


There 0% of the daily percentage of sodium, which by the way is 2mg.


The 39mg or 1% of the potassium is sufficient for the body and one should essentially what you need.


The total carbs  points to just  a low amount of the same  as it only stands at 0.8g  and at 0%  of the daily value, you will need to look for an alternative source  of carbs.

 The dietary fibre is equally low as it only accounts for 0.3g or 1% of the daily value. The sugar a 0.5g is also low. But this also tells us that the coconut milk nutrition has really tried to balance out on the various nutritional elements which ideally make it a healthy food.


This stands at only 0.3g or 0% of the daily value but you will however discover that this being a spoonful means that a higher serving will give you much more.

Vitamins and proteins

There is low amount of vitamins and minerals in a spoon of coconut milk nutrition. With the exception of iron at 1% of the daily value and 1% of daily value of magnesium, all the rest of the major vitamins and minerals are missing in it.

Serving size

If you vary the amount of servings of this milk, then you will find that much of the given information above will change. Calories in the 100g of the canned coconut milk for instance will change from the 34 calories to a whopping 197 calories.

The total fat will also shoot to 21g or 32% of the daily value the saturated fat will be highest at 95% of the daily value for the 19g.

In essence ,it is only through varying the amounts of serving that you will get the full implication .This  will help you to know the true nutrition value.