Going to the most basic of the banana milkshake ideally means that you don’t include the ice cream. How feasible is this? The answers very and all that you need to do are to have the basic ingredients and in this case, we are looking at sugar, milk and of course the ice cubes. Imagine that with the aforementioned ingredients only, you will have the banana milkshake. The aim of the ice is to provide you with the consistency that you need. All these ingredients are then blended to a smooth consistency as desired.

The calories expected

The calories will depend on the type of milkshake in question. For instance, if you have the chocolate peanut butter banana milkshake, then the calories will be around 284 calories. The others include 8g of fat and 27 g of carbs.

Of course we cannot fail to note that there will be 31g of protein and fibre will stand at 3g. It is important to get the nutrition facts right all the time. The strawberry one will be slightly different as you will be looking at slightly lower calories at 194,fat  will be even lower at 1g,carbd will be higher at 37g  while fibber  and protein will be at 2g and 3g respectively. The 2 examples just go far to show just how important it is to have a grasp on the issue of the nutrition information.

Having talked about the chocolate milkshake here, it is also a good idea to know how to go about it if you want it instead of the banana milkshake. The first and the usual thing are to have the ingredients which include the chocolate syrup and ice cream. You can make this at home and especially if you have a blender with you. The result will be a fast, sweet, simple and delicious milkshake that comes second to none. It can be made thick or creamy as per your liking.

The most basic of the milkshake which everyone should know before venturing to others is to make scoops of the ice cream as the case may be and then you add milk and flavourings. Please note that in this case, you will be looking at the candy pieces, cookies or simply put, have chocolate syrup and you will be good to go.

Milk and the ice are the only two ingredients that you will need to focus on here. For the ice, it should not be added when making a most basic smoothie as the ice tends to melt and wash the very taste that you have worked so hard to build on. The milk on the other hand is mentioned here because to a large extent, it determines if your smoothie will be thick or thin. In other words, the less the milk, the thicker the smoothie and vise versa.

Enjoying a treat of any smoothie is largely dependent on how you go about with the ingredients. It is instructive that you first determine what you want before proceeding.