The almond milk nutrition has often been compared to that of milk. By running them side by side, we shall make a nice conclusion on which one is healthier. For now, first things first.

Only 2 years ago, almond milk nutrition was found to be higher than that of milk for the non-animal milk .it is not dairy and definitely soy free and lactose free. For those who suffer from the lactose intolerance, youwill find that the Almond milk nutrition is all that you need.

Making the almond milk is an easy process as all you need is first to soak a cup of almonds in water. They do not need to be covered in water, barely touching it for a few days. The water is then drained off and the almonds are rinsed. They are added to fresh water and then blended the normal way.

Cheesecloth is used for straining it and you are good to go. Of course you can sweeten it by adding cinnamon or vanilla before drinking it.

Cow’s milk vs. almond

You will find that that in terms of proteins, the Almond milk nutrition will supply you with 1 g whilst cow’s milk will provide you with 8g of the same. The maths will change if you now add the almond that has been fortified with calcium as this will supply you with an equal amount of calcium as that of a cow.

The vitamins in the Almond milk nutrition will be higher than that of  the non-fortified cow’s milk ,though the cow’s milks surpasses the almond one when it comes  the phosphorous content . The potassium will also be higher than that of almond.  On the other hand, the Almond milk nutrition will supply you with higher amount of sodium.

Cholesterol levels

The almond milk has an advantage over the cow’s milk in as far as the cholesterol is concerned. The cholesterol and saturated fats are not present in it whilst the case is completely different in the cow’s milk as they are present.


The almond milk once again fares very well when it comes to the fat as it is healthy. The same cannot be said of the cow’s milk unless one has skimmed it or there is complete absence of fat.


The other area of comparison between the two has got to be on the calories. Milk beats the almond milk in the calories. The cow’s milk generally has higher amount of calories. But again, the assumption is that you are not taking skimmed milk or sweetened almond, both of which will have a significant impact on the overall amount of calories.

All the same, it is important to appreciate the fact the Almond milk is an important aspect of the diet and one should be able to weigh it in comparison with the cow’s milk. This will be the only way in which you will be able to make the most out of it vis-a-vis the cow’s milk.

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