The shaker cup or   he shaker bottler is commonly used in relation to the proteins. Knowing how to use one is very important and especially the 1 litre one.

This shaker cup comes with calibrations on the side so that you will know how much of the liquid you are adding. Since you will be adding milk, almond, juice among others, one should know how much of each will be added.

Adding the liquids first is usually a standard practice before you add the protein powder inside   the protein shaker cup. If you do vice versa, then there is high chance the protein powder will clump at the bottom of the cup. In some cases, the powder will cost on the sides of the  cup if one adds the powder first.

Meshed screens

Thanks to the advancement in the making of the shaker cup, there is a meshed screen .The aim of this meshed screen is to enable   one to carry out the mixing of the powder with the liquids.

The lid

The bottle comes with a screw lid which is meant to cover the bottle when shaking it .Since the shaking is expected to be a vigorous one, it is necessary to apply pressure on the flip cap until it produces a snap sound. Otherwise the contents of the bottle might spill when you are trying to mix them.

Gripper bars

The bottle has what we refer to as gripper bars which are meant to be held from the wrist. This is meant to help in the shaking of the bottle.

What you will need to appreciate is that this is not your average bottle but one that is made specifically for this function.

Ball whisks

Of course we can’t talk about this bottle without making mention on the ball whisks. These are much the same as the meshed screens and are primarily mean to help in the mixing of the contents of the bottle.

This bottle is not as complicated as one might think. If you are into protein shakes, then you will find it necessary to mix the protein powders with other liquids. The bottle has become the number one choice for many and this could perhaps explain the surge in the sale of the same.

Knowing how to use the bottle or cup will go a long way in helping you to prepare the protein shake conveniently.

Now you have it at your home and the protein shake will become a reality. No more clumping or sticky sides. No spilling as you shakes and of course you can now tell how much of the fluids you have added.

The popularity of this bottle has led to more use of the protein shakes and this could be the reason why the use of the shaker has not caught us by surprise.

If you use the protein shakes after work outs, then you have a companion in the name of this cup for your own benefit.

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