Did you know that there are several Oreo games that you can play? From fun recipes to maths and art, you cannot exhaust the fun that comes with playing with Oreos. In this article, we are going to look at some of the games you can play and enjoy.

Cookie fractions

If your kids don’t like the fractions, it is possible that you are not adding fun into the whole idea. You can for instance cut the cookies into fractions and as they eat one by one, they will run one   of the greatest math lessons of their times. Just make sure that you are using their favourite cookies to teach the lesson.

Cookies shaped like the moon

What a better idea to introduce the lunar subject than to cut the Oreo cakes into various shapes of the moon! For instance, you can have the full moon for a full cookie, the crescent, half moon and so on. It will be mad fun to the kids plus of course they will learn a lot in the process.

How high can you stick the cookies?

Let the kids compete to see how high   each  of them can stack their cookies and reward the one who stacks the highest without their cookies coming crumbling down!

Dipping the Oreos

For the Oreo games, the idea of dipping them in various coatings like dark chocolate in the birthday events could be a lot more fun than anything else that you have experienced. You can for instance use peanut butter or caramel for effect.

Stuffing the Oreos

As part of the fun, you can decide to stuff your Oreos using dough .The cookies are layered and then covered.

Rolling the cookies

The games can’t be more exciting than this! You can simply organize a competition whereby the kids are going to compete to see the farthest anyone of them can roll their Oreos without them falling over.

Making Oreo balls

Moving on with Oreo games, you can have Oreo balls challenge whereby kids will make several balls just for the fun of it.

 Placing Oreo on the face

We all know that the Oreo is supposed to be eaten by hand but   you can add the fun by sticking it on the face and actually trying to eat it. Kids in particular love the challenge and you will reward them when they successfully do so.

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