A no bake Oreo cheesecake recipe is perhaps what you need most and especially if you have always been desirous of making one but has no idea how to go about it. The instructions on how to make one are given here.

You will first and foremost require a few cookies coarsely cooked. This ideally means that they will not be crushed at all. But you will also require another few of them crushed finely to which butter will be added. What you will however be advised not to forget it is that it will be necessary to apply pressure at the bottom of the pan that you will be using,

The mixing

The cream cheese beating is the next task at hand and will mainly include the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla. As per the no bake Oreo cheesecake recipe, you will use an electric mixer to mix them, ensuring that you first put them in one large bowl.


As of now, a medium speed will be adequate since you would want all the contents to blend well.

Stirring is also an art   you will be required to perfect ,given the fact that  there is the topping to be whipped  and there are cookies too to be  spread evenly on the crust.


The next crucial step in the preparation has got to be the refrigeration whereby 4 hours have to go in so that the mixer becomes firm enough.

There are of course other important things you will be looking forward to when it comes to the making of the no bake Oreo cheesecake.


No one wants to take eternity preparing one but thankfully, you will count on the ease of making this kind of cheese cake it is truly an easy one.


The speed with which you will prepare the cheesecake will generally vary from person to person but even a beginner will appreciate the fact that the preparation can be done faster than ever.

The foolproof way to making one has always been known and this could possibly explain why you are sure that you are unmistakably taking it and not anything else.

Have you been looking for a perfect summer recipe and wondering what could perfectly foot the bill? Well, wonder no more because the crazy crust from this baked Oreo is all that you need.

Well, throwing together an Oreo that is baked has never been so easy! All that you need now is to get all the ingredients and get started. It is tasty, crusty and delicious to say the least.

The only important details that you are to bear in mind are on the crushing, whipping, topping, mixing and refrigerating. The issue of the heat is also important as we have seen medium heat is sufficient.

On the overall, you can never go wrong with this tasty treat for breakfast that everyone craves for. It must be the no bake Oreo cheesecake.

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