The delicious strawberry milkshake recipe has got to be the one that is fresh and takes you no more than 30 minutes of your time. There are 2 important things that we will be looking at here:  the ingredients and of course the directions.

For the strawberry milkshake recipe, you will need the appropriate ingredients in which case, we are referring to the freshly harvested, hulled and sliced strawberries. You don’t need much of them as only a half pound will be adequate and especially if you are making the strawberry milkshake recipe for   2 people.

2 spoonfuls of sugar and a teaspoonful of the vanilla extract will be required. You can’t possibly forget a pint of the ice cream that is vanilla made and a half cup of milk sum up all the ingredients that you need.

 The preparation

This is where you either get it right or wrong. The mixing of the ingredients should start right away and we are looking at the strawberries which have been sliced, sugar and the vanilla extract. Once you are done with the mixing, you will of course want to set aside some few minutes to allow the mixture to macerate as is the standard practise when making this strawberry milkshake recipe. This process will take you anything between a third of an hour to an hour.

The mixer should be set ready to roll and your ingredients which in this case is the ice cream and the strawberry and milk are added inside one large bowl. They are then blended to a smooth consistency.

The ice cream parlour glasses should be readied as the next move will of course be the   pouring of    content ready for garnishing. In this case, the strawberries will be the best for the garnishing but it is important to point out that the whole strawberry will be the ideal one.

The serving is another tricky part as some people allow the ready drink to stay in the mixture for longer than necessary, thereby losing the taste or flavour. It is advisable that once you are done with the garnishing, the mixture is then poured into the glasses. Of course this will be the smooth strawberry milkshake and not just the   mash-mash of the respective ingredients.

Other recipes

It is advisable that you don’t limit yourself to the strawberry milkshake recipe as there are many others such as the strawberry milkshake with sugar biscuit topping and the other ubiquitous caramelized banana shake.

Each of these are great recipe ideas that you can explore and still end up coming up with an amazingly delicious milkshake.

An important detail that we all tend to forget is the nutrition information contained in the respective recipes that we make. Each is different but the variation of the ingredients will make a whole lot of a difference in regard to the texture, consistency and calories contained therein.

In summary, this is one of the healthiest recipes you can ever make.

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