Though there are many protein shake recipes around, you will find that there are a few of them that are the choice for many. In this article, we will review one of the best recipes that you can possibly have.

For the ingredients, you will need the vanilla protein in scoops. In this case, just 2scoops will suffice for standard preparation.

The vanilla pudding is the next and is best when it is sugar-free.  Of course you will need the vanilla extract and cinnamon in small amounts to spice up things. If you could get the flavour of butter and low fat milk, you will still be good to go. Conclude everything you have with ice cubes and of you can have the latter crushed; it will make everything else easier for you during the blending.

The preparation is easy when you have all the ingredients ready for the protein shake recipes. The first thing you will embark on is to mix the ingredients in a blender where the crushed ice has already been added and blend. That is all there to do with this recipe and f course you have to ensure that the consistency is maintained during the blending.

There are many other protein shake recipes one can try. We are only going to sample a few more to give you a rough idea on what you need.

Nothing rejuvenates your morning than waking up to a vanilla coffee shake. With only low –fat milk, vanilla protein scoop, coffee and ice cream, you will be good to go. But even if you miss out on any of the ingredients and you happen to have soy milk and protein powder, you can actually go ahead and have soy almond shake. You will however in addition require almonds of course, vanilla extract, green yogurt and ice. The Greek yogurt is optional and you will still have a delicious treat of the protein shake without it.

How about a quick start shakes?  Well oranges that are not canned or bottled are needed plus protein and sweetener. This is one example of the protein shake recipes that will make your morning.

For those of us who swear by the oatmeal, you will find that peppermint oatmeal shake is all that you need to make your morning whole. Ensure though that you have chocolate protein, vanilla ice cream, oatmeal, milk, water and peppermint extract.

The mineral power shake is yet another good choice for the protein shake recipes since it is healthy and delicious. One only needs the liquid minerals, flaxseed oil, and scoop of protein, water, a sweetener and a gelatine powder.

 In conclusion, you can go a step ahead and sample ice breakfast shake. With only skim milk, why protein, oil and ice, you will be good to go. You can add its sweetness by just including a banana into the whole mix.

As it is evident from the above, there are many recipes that one can come up for their protein shakes. The idea is to experiment with several of them.