If you like the banana milkshake but have no idea how to go about it, you will be pleased to learn that the banana milkshake recipe is all that you need. In this article, we are going to look at best of the recipes that may be available online.

The ingredients usually come first and in this case, we are looking at the bananas, coconut milk, vanilla extract, sugard, cinnamon and cardamom. If you have them ready, we can now resume the preparation which happens to be simple and straightforward.

The banana (Chiquita is the best) is peeled and then chopped. Remember this is necessary as you will be, mixing it with other ingredients and you would want an easier time when blending. If for instance you don’t cut them into chunks, you will not be able blend and the smooth consistency or even the chunky one will be hard to come by.

The other ingredients should be added accordingly. The chopped bananas are added together with the coconut milk, vanilla extract and sugar. If you do not have the sufar, jaggery will do just fine.

The act of blending is an art that you will have to learn over time. This is because if you blend for a short time, you will have thick milkshake and if you blend for long, it will be smooth. This banana milkshake recipe recommends that you blend for a period of about 3 minutes as this time is sufficient.

The final step will now be the adding of the banana milkshake   in a glass or glasses depending on the amount. Cardamom powder or cinnamon can be added by sprinkling it on the glass to add flavour.

About the serving

The drink should be served immediately as delay seems to have an adverse effect on the taste. This could be the only downside of the banana milkshake recipe as it basically implies that you cannot even store the milkshake inside the fridge for several hours.

But all in all, you will realize that there are more positive things one can say about it. To begin with, it takes a short time to prepare-10 minutes to be precise.

The milkshake is said and has actually been confirmed to be good for children, not just adults. Talking about the adults, those with lactose intolerance will find that it is a healthy alternative .One should however be aware of the fact that the choice of the banana has an impact on the taste and quality too. You will enjoy the ripe bananas and as pointed out earlier in the article, the Chiquita bananas are recommended as they are usually overripe.

The use of the coconut milk is not merely coincidental. You will find that it is much healthier and best suited for lighter and much more soothing banana milkshake recipe than the cow’s milk.


It has been pointed out on several occasions that bananas and milk do not go well but whilst this may be so, one will find that following this recipe carefully will save you from so much trouble later.

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