Choosing to make the Oreo mcflurry at home can be an exacting but challenging thing to do. The tricky part stems from the fact that you might end up with a milkshake instead of the Mcflurry and especially if you mix too much. This article is aimed at helping you get right when preparing it.

Crushing the ores

This is the first thing that you need to do is to crush the Oreos using a rolling pin. This is meant to reduce it to smaller bits that can dissolve.

Ice cream and milk

These are next additions which are put in a food processor. In your case, the blender will do just fine.

Mixing of the ingredients

This is an important step and you will thus be required to mix them to a flurry consistency but as emphasized earlier in this article, you should ensure that you do not overdo things as this will compromise the quality of mcflurry.

A spoon is usually required to do the mixing the vanilla ice milk. This spoon is usually attached to the mixing machine in order to aid in the work.

Ingredients to use

You might be led to believe that the Oreo mcflurry can only be made using the above ingredients but there are other ingredients that you can experiment with.

 You can have a sundae mix of milk solids, sugar, glucose, vegetable gums, and emulsifiers and of course do not forget to include the flavours.

Commonly asked questions about the Oreo mcflurry

One of the commonest questions has got to be on the calories packed in a small serving. Well, if you did not know ,taking one is equivalent to taking 2 burgers, which ideally means that  you will be pumping into your body  430 calories. Do not forget this is the small size one, implying that a big one will give you as much as double this amount of calories. This Oreo will have up to 16g of fat which is definitely fattening for anyone who is trying to lose weight. The idea here is that you should not overeat the oreo, just take it as a snack and you will be good to go.

This is not meant to dampen your spirit if you want to enjoy one as there are options available. For instance, you can have the vanilla reduced ice cream cone  as it packs no more than 150 calories  and as little as 3.5g of fat.

The cost

The second issue is on the cost for those who don’t want to make one at home but rather buy. The standard cost for the small sized one $1.79 if you reside in Southern California.

The point of giving the cost here is to show you that you can save the cost by just opting to make it at home. As long as you have the ingredients and follow the recipe as given, you will be pleased to see how it will come out good and perhaps healthier than buying one.