A protein shaker bottle helps in mixing several nutritious beverages and even the salad dressings to achieve the taste of your choice. At the bottom of the shaker, there is a screen wire that blends the mixture. Some shakers are purchased with mixers and are fit for the athletes who perform body workouts that should always be supplemented with healthy meals.


With a protein shaker bottle, you can blend sauces and marinades. It has a tight cap that prevents spillage, and you can easily fasten it. You can, therefore, blend your beverage without any spillage. Handling a shaker is very easy, and you can carry it along wherever you go. This gives you an opportunity to have your favorite drink whenever you feel like.

The shaker is easy to clean and grants its users, a healthy procedure of mixing drinks. It is a bottle with a tight lead, a drinking spout and most importantly, the mixer. The mixer makes easy to combine your protein liquid with powder by breaking the lumps and creates a smooth beverage. When selecting a shaker, choose one that you can easily disassemble and wash to prevent bacteria from accumulating in the hidden parts.

Some shakers are bought with 16-ouncecapacity tumbler. The large ones have measurement marks where you can measure your drinks besides blending it. It maintains a cool temperature for your drink for a longer duration. It is, therefore, the perfect bottle to carry along in hot weather. The bottles are sold at affordable rates, and this gives you a reason not to lack one.This is the ideal product to have if you believe in quality and functionality.

How to use

Is it your first time to have a protein shaker bottleand you have no idea on how to use it? It’s simple. The following is a step by step procedure

  1. Pour your desired liquid to your preferred levels. Most of the shakers have measurement marks you could use to measure your liquid. The liquid should be poured first before adding the protein powder to prevent the powder from forming clumps at the base and sides of the shaker.
  2. Add one scoop of the protein powder. Most packaged powders come with a scoop inside the tin. The scoop helps you to measure your desired quantity.
  3. If you have other ingredients, you can add. You can mix in a variety of powdered nutritional supplements but ensure to measure the recommended doses.
  4. Put back the lid and fasten it to be completely sealed. Vigorously, shake the shaker up and down for half a minute. The mixer will break the powders and mix all the ingredients.


Always clean the bottle after finishing your drink.  A soap and warm water will clean every section well. Rinse it and store when you are not using it. Store the protein shakers in a cold place; refrigerating it is the best way to store it.  This guards it against spoiling and you can enjoy its benefits for years.